Imagine this. You have a classic car and it needs a little work to make it perfect. So you take it to a mechanic and they determine it will cost thousands to fix it up. So they tell you to take it to the junk yard and invest the money into a new car. What would you do? Seems to make sense dump it and get a new one.

Imagine this. Your at work and your hand gets crushed in a machine and you are rushed to the hospital. They determine you broke multiple bones but for thousands we can fix it and restore the hand back to normal or we can cut it off amputate it for $100. Which would you do? Cut it off and save a bunch of money or do what ever it takes to get the thousands to fix your hand?

Do both of the natural answers seem correct?  When our wives are not deserving of our love? (Conditional love)  We dump them and get a new model. BUT when we treat our wives as though they are part of us. Eph 5:28 with unconditional love we will do whatever it takes to restore the relationship, she is part of YOU!

How many choose to keep the car and invest into restoring it?  How many chose to amputate your own hand instead of spending thousands to restore it. See how we can be selfish and not understand our wives are a part of us. Accept the agape or unconditional love that comes from God. Use Gods power not ours because we don’t have the strength or power without it. He gave us unconditional love by sending his only son to die for us. Is your wife just an inanimate object or part of your body?

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