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“When your feet hit the floor in the morning, does the devil say, ‘Oh great. He’s up.’ Or does the devil roll over and say, “Oh, he’s up, nothing to worry about here.’”



For a Kingdom Bound man, the devil shudders when he gets up in the morning because he knows he’s in for a beating. Perhaps you’ve wanted to become that kind of man for a long time, but you’re just not sure how to make it happen. Maybe you’ve struggled with sin in your life, or perhaps there are other circumstances in your life that you feel have been holding you back from achieving and experiencing God’s best for you.

Building Godly Men is a training course that can help you break free from whatever might be holding you back.

You’ll learn:

• How vital Godly men are to God’s perfect plan

• How to align yourself to make an impact within your family as well as within God’s Kingdom

• What it means to be the head of your home

• About your God-given authority in the Kingdom

• How to roar

Building Godly Men is a book that will awaken your desire to reclaim your territory and resume your rightful place as a co-heir with Christ. You’ll learn from other men who have gone before you, and who have faced some of the same challenges you’re currently facing in your life.

You’ll learn how to be a leader in your home, and you’ll grasp the fundamental concepts of what it means to be the man God called you to be.

If you’re a man who wants nothing but the best from God, you cannot be without this book.

However, proceed with caution. You’ll be challenged more than ever before, and God will absolutely use the principles you learn to change your world.

Help us save our world one man at a time. We are looking to raise monies for this ministry and book publishing.

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